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Why Hemp?

Hemp is a miraculous plant!

Cotton is an environmental hazard, using 25% of the pesticides in use today and requiring 1740 gallons of water to grow one tshirt! Hemp production on the other hand, does not require pesticides, bleach or very much water. Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants and replenishes the soil it is planted in.

Hemp is one of the oldest and most widely utilized industrial plants in the world. Its fibers, seeds, stalks and oils have been used in thousands of different ways for fuel, laquers, paper, clothing, food, medicine, etc. Most anything that can be made from wood or petroleum can be made from hemp. It is one of the easiest and environmentally friendliest crops to grow. No pesticides, No bleach, No genetic engineering necessary!

Hemp IS NOT the devil in disguise. That's silly, it's a PLANT. However, it IS an environmentally friendly plant, drought-resistant, with nutritiously edible seeds, and well, incredibly versatile – an economic cashcow for family farmers on the brink of extinction. There's much information all over the web. For starters try HIA (Hemp industries Association) or Jack Herer, author of the groundbreaking book on Hemp, "The Emperor Wears no Clothes".

Swirlspace Hemp Clothing
Many of our garments (T-shirts, Tanktops, Lounge Pants) are made from a 55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton Jersey knit blend. This fabric feels incredibly soft and smooth against the skin and lasts up to three times longer than ordinary cotton. It's more insulative than cotton, keeps the sun's UV rays off your body and holds color much better than algodon (that's "cotton" in spanish). And you can wash & dry just like...cotton.

Clearly, hemp rocks!

Swirlspace has been riding the green wave since spring 2000, before EcoFashion became trendy (we welcome this evolution of consciousness). Come on, you know you want to try it, we dare you!




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Did You Know?

U.S. History & Hemp

The long list of Hemp uses. Check out Jack Herer's amazingly informative book on hemp, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes".

In 1941, Henry Ford built a CAR entirely from bio-plastics (which contained hemp) and which ran on hemp fuel. Obviously this technology has been supressed by the auto industry.
(25 sec YouTube)

In 2000, the HempCar toured the U.S. for three months running on Hemp FUEL for 15,000 miles! This site also has great info on Hemp.

The Declaration of INDEPENDENCE was drafted on hemp paper. Remember Democracy?

George Washington & Thomas Jefferson grew many acres of HEMP. Like they have in China for 10,000 years.

Betsey Ross sewed "Old Glory" the first American FLAG from hemp.

The Gutenberg BIBLE was printed on Hemp paper. Only the finest for this book!

George Bush's LIFE was saved in WWII by a parachute held together by Hemp rope. No comment.