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hemp t-shirt hemp tshirt

Hemp Fingerless Gloves / Wristwarmers


Reversible, hand-hugging goodness for that stylie extra layer of warmth. Keep usage of all your digits while playing music, writing, eating, bikeriding, holding hands and high-fiving.

- Ultra-portable; lightweight stretch hemp.

- Contrasting Black Serged seams; Reversible for a different look.

- Combine with our hemp cuffs for a superstylie handshake guaranteed

• 55% Hemp / 45% Cotton / 4% Lycra; 10 oz Stretch Jersey
• One-Size fits Men/Women
• Made in San Francisco

$15.00 / 1 Pair

$25.00 / 2 Pairs
buy 2 pair

black t-shirt color


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Did You Know?

We Re-use our Scraps:

• Gloves and cuffs are made from recovered material that would have gone to waste.

• Our patch tshirts are printed on salvaged scraps

Hemp production does not require pesticides, bleach or very much water. Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants and replenishes the soil it is planted in.